• 10 years Freelancer: Clients include Blgg, Gibogroep; Mc Cain; CRV; Ministry of Agriculture; Nature and Foodquality; WUR; Clean Light; Cropeye; Ogin; Lebokaas; Chainfood;Meluna Agrifood (more information at Projects).
  • 10 years Livestock Sector Manager at Blgg, Agrilab, Oosterbeek; responsible for sales, management and R&D, member MT.
  • 9 years Projectmanager and Director at KMV, Lelystad; Building IT company for Agri consultancy on food and fertilzer for dairy farming.
  • Extensive international network in Agri & Food. Industry, commerce, services, government, laboratories. Especially in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • Traning: Wageningen University, department of Zootechnics and Business(1981), various courses on (project) management, communication and leadership.